has gone to the Presses!!


I decided to give WordPress a try considering I am usually always on the road and I usually always am not able to update my main website  On the other hand, I do have a smartphone and have downloaded WordPress, and I hope to do some entries via these two technical advancements.  I hope I am right in making this decision, and I hope WordPress is the means in which to help get the word out about the harmfulness of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and other excitotoxins.

I have been using Twitter for all my previous on the road notations about harmful ingredients I find in foods, but I am not sure Twitter is really the right media choice.  Facebook is grand, though I don’t have a Facebook page dedicated to the “SayNOtoMSG” Cause, because I plainly don’t have the patience.  I know the elimination of MSG and other excitotoxins is a worthy cause, and maybe I should just have the page there for all those who are dedicated to the Facebook lifestyle.  [Note topic to self for future reference.]

So, it is official!! is now on

Sassafras Zellar